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Want to rent the clubhouse, pool and/or playground for a party or event. 

No Problem, just take a look at the following easy process and we will get you approved and on the calendar.


  1. Take a look at the calendar and see if the date you want is available.

    • Only one booking a day allowed.

  2. Choose one of the following times:

    • Monday thru Thursday.            Choose Any 2 Hour block.

    • Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  11am to 1pm or 6pm to 8pm




No rentals are allowed on Holidays or Monday or Friday on three (3) day weekend holidays. I.e., Labor Day and Memorial Day, etc.…

Pool House 2.png
Pool House.png
  1. Download from this site's document page or pick up a rental agreement from the pool house.

  2. Send an email to or message us through the website and we will pencil you in for the requested date and time if available.

  3. Fill out and drop the agreement form along with a payment as follows:

    • $50 dollars rental only.

    • $75 dollars rental and we clean up afterwards.


******* Note*******


Your rental date and time is not secured until payment is received.


If all goes well we will approve your request and you’re all set. Its just that easy!


If you need assistance, send us an email at or a chat message on this site and one of us will get back to as soon as possible.

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